Nigerians in Chiluba’s ‘£28m’

SOME Nigerian fraudsters have swindled a Finnish company, Sunny Car Center out of 280 000 British Pounds using the 28 million British Pounds purportedly belonging to second republican president Frederick Chiluba’s widow, Regina Chiluba. 

The Finnish Police have confirmed that Sunny Car Centre, developers of a mega shopping mall and vehicle centre were victims of Nigerian fraudsters who have swindled many across the world using the now well-known tactic of baiting their victims with estates of dead rich people.

Detective Chief Inspector Jari Uotila Häme has stated that the police suspected that Nigerian fraudsters were behind the 28 million British Pounds report purportedly belonging to Mrs Chiluba.

Even after the authorities in Finland and South Africa raised the red flag over the fake transaction purportedly meant to unlock what they claimed was Mrs Chiluba’s 28 million British Pounds, Sunny Car Center went ahead and made an advance deposit to the Nigerians of up to 280 000 British Pounds.

Sunny Car Center chief executive officer Markku Ritaluoma asked the Finnish police if there would be another blocking of the transaction if he had decided to wire the money to South Africa, the second time and that he was told by the police that it was totally his decision to take a second risk.

Ritaluoma went on and wired the money to South Africa and is now waiting for investment to be cleared and Mr Wilson has told the Sunny Car Center chief that it would take approximately six weeks for the investment belonging to Mrs Chiluba to be cleared by the London Court.

Mr Mark Wilson using the name of Regina Chiluba assured the unsuspecting Markku Ritaluoma not to worry as that was the normal procedure for the London Court to follow in Barclays Bank’s inheritance funds operations.

Mr Ritaluoma was convinced that that there was no dispute over the alleged Chiluba legacy funds nor did he believe that there would be a possibility of Zambia trying to money alleged to have been stolen by President Chiluba.

Detective Chief Inspector said that when Sunny Car Centre initially directed that 280 000 British Pounds be transferred, the money was meant as one percent advance deposit to South Africa to ‘unlock Mrs Regina Chiluba’s funds’.

The funds were frozen fearing that the transaction was dubious.

He said despite the strong advice by financial authorities, Sunny Centre proceeded to wire 280 000 British Pounds to Mark Wilson who was claiming to represent Mrs Chiluba in South Africa.

According to a story published by the Finnish Broadcaster, there had been no 28 million British Pounds investment for Mrs Chiluba and that Mark Wilson, the man claiming to have been representing Dr Chiluba’s widow was just a fraudster.   Both Wilson and Ritaluoma however agreed to have the 280 000 million British Pounds transferred to South Africa again despite the warnings.

The Finnish police have said they could not be called to investigate the matter when Sunny Car Center were warned of the fraud and chose to ignore the caution.

The Finish Police has since told Sunny Centre that it could pursue the matter through their lawyers saying: “We cannot do much if you lack an active plaintiff who feels ripped off.”