PF power struggle security risk

THE revelations that a group of ministers within the Patriotic Front (PF) and their collaborators are scheming to take over the presidency from President Sata before his first term expires was a security risk, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged.

And Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged that the cartel holding President Michael Sata hostage and propagating hate messages against Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has the potential to plunge Zambia into political turmoil because of their selfish desire to take over the governance of this country.

Mr Kapita said in a statement to the Daily Nation that the UPND was deeply concerned that some government ministers and their collaborators could conspire to remove a sitting president at a time Zambians expected them to unite and help President Sata address the many challenges the country was facing.

“We however feel the scramble for presidency in the PF has been created by the unexplained absence of President Sata from the public domain for more than two months. This situation has created an impression that there is a vacancy in the presidency. We are demanding in national interest that President Sata comes out in public and personally addresses   the nation and assures the citizens that he is fully in-charge,” he said.

Mr Kapita said the failure by President Sata to attend key official engagements both at home and abroad had the potential of undermining public and the international community’s confidence in the country’s presidency.

And Mr Changala has said Mr Chikwanda had become a victim of blackmail by the cartel because they were privy to the state of affairs at State House and had launched a scheme to take over the presidency by elimating all possible threats to the throne.

Mr Changala said a lot of high profile individuals have been destroyed by the evil cartel that is currently singing praises for President Michael Sata while scheming to grab the presidency from him long before his first term could expire.

Mr Changala said the cartel fighting Mr Chikwanda had become so dangerous that if President Sata was not going to act immediately by distancing himself from the cabal, there was a danger that this country would easily end up in the wrong and evil hands of individuals with nihilitic malice against their perceived foes.

He said a lot of high profile people had fallen victim of the cartel and that second republican president Frederck Chiluba was vilified to his death and that he (Dr Chiluba) was still being slandered even in his grave.

Mr Changala observed that United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema had not been spared the hatred being propagated adding that former Defence Minister Geofffrey Bwalya Mwamba had been thrown into the cartel’s crusade of hate and slander.

“Mr Chikwanda is a victim of slander and blackmail by the cartel because they are privy to the state of affairs in State House  and they have launched a smear and blackmail campaign against the obstacles to full access to the PF presidency and eventually over the leadership of the country.

They have initiated what can be termed as an elimination contest to get rid of all possible threats to the throne. A lot of high profile citizens have fallen victims to this hate propaganda and these are the people that vilified second republican president Frederick Chiluba to his death and they still do in his grave.

“They are vilifying and demonising Hakainde Hichilema. Within the PF,  Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has not been spared and unless President Sata acts now, there is a danger that this country may soon end up in the evil hands of power mongers,” Mr Changala said.

He said there was need for President Sata and his cabinet to immediately disassociate themselves from the cartel if the country was to remain governable.

Mr Changala said Mr Chikwanda could have his own shortcomings but these could not be corrected through hate speech anchored on stolen classified government documents.

He said Zambians were fed up with the hate being propagated by a destructive unelected clique and advised Anglican Church priest Richard Luonde and Bishop John Mambo to stop being used in the game of creating acrimony in the country.


One thought on “PF power struggle security risk

  1. The truth is that we have no president in Zambia. How else can we interpret the absence of a sitting president from the public when he is reportedly in the country? Yes, Sata is physically in State House, but I strongly doubt his ability to continue discharging his functions. It is only in Zambia where we citizens are docile and lack vigilance to the extent of being ‘ruled’ by people we did not vote for as president. I wish Julius Malema was a Zambian maybe he would have done something about it. The opposition has also been ‘watered’ with ice water buckets by PF cadres who condemn them for allegedly wishing Sata dead whenever they raise the issue of continued absence, there is nothing wrong with demanding the president assumes his role instead of just lying around in Nkwazi House doing nothing. Fellow Zambians, we have no other other country apart from this on, let us collective move this country forward economically, democratically, technologically, etc but we cannot do that without the leadership of a sitting president. For how long shall we be on auto-pilot?

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