ZNUT, Ministry of Education differ

 THE Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has parried the explanation from the Ministry of Education that some deputy teachers’ salary scales were downgraded because of harmonization process which is currently underway.

ZNUT general secretary Newman Bubala said downgrading of some deputy teachers had nothing to do with harmonization process.

Mr Bubala told the Daily Nation yesterday that downgrading of senior teachers was caused by staff at the Payroll Management and Establishment Control System (PEMC) which effected wrong computations.

“This has nothing to do with harmonization; each deputy head master has scale according to self-evaluation programme. It is just a matter of correcting the distortion which was brought about by somebody who didn’t put them in the right scale.

“If they were given wrong salary scales because of someone not implementing the right scale, this is what is supposed to be corrected,” he said.

Mr Bubala appealed to the affected teachers to submit their pay slips to the union so that their leaders could gather more information about the reduction in their salaries. He said if it is established that deputy teachers were previously on wrong scales, the labour movement would sit with their members and try to convince them to accept the correct salary scales.

“If their scales are not correct, then we will explain to them that there was a mistake,” he said.

Mr Bubala said ZNUT has engaged the PEMC to check and correct the anomalies made but they were advised to provide particulars of the affected teachers.   “Therefore, we are asking those teachers to quickly bring their two monthly payslips which showed the first salary on the first scale and the other one on different scale. Then we will compared whether the decision was justified or not,” Mr Bubala said.