Do not use sex to get favours, women told

WOMEN should find better ways of fighting for what is right than using sex as a weapon in a desperate move to get even with men, says Lusaka resident Regina Chileshe.

Ms Chileshe said issues of sexual harassment should not be reported out of malice just to get back at the menfolk, but should be taken up because they are immoral and criminal to society.

She said whenever women get abused, they must learn to follow the laid down procedures in reporting such injustices to the police, including considering the timeliness of the crime.

“Women should not embarrass themselves by bringing such issues to the media when in fact it was a police matter.

We should be more responsible for our own sake to avoid being taken as jokers when we report these issues at the police,” she said.

She said many women allowed to be ill-treated because they were benefiting financially or otherwise -from a relationship and when money or favours stopped flowing, that was when they went out screaming ‘rape’.

Ms Chileshe who is in the Lusaka PF leadership charged that most sexual harassment cases were being questioned because of the long time it took the women to report the matter to police.

She explained that the police service was run by qualified personnel including women and wondered why some women resort to keeping quiet over issues to do with sexual violence.