Leave Chiluba’s name out of dirty talk

SCHEMES to continue vilifying second republican president Frederick Chiluba even in his grave using some cheap crooked means must be stopped, former Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Alfred Ndhlovu has demanded.

Mr Ndhlovu has lashed out at individuals vilifying second republican president Frederick Chiluba using hoax stories purporting that his widow, Regina had inherited £28 million.

Mr Ndhlovu has also warned Zambians to be wary of Nigerian fraudsters who have swindled many people across the globe by baiting them with estates of dead rich people and monetary attractive SOS messages.

He told the Daily Nation that Dr Chiluba should be left to rest in peace stating that it was uncultured and unAfrican to slander dead citizens.

Mr Ndhlovu said Dr Chiluba did a lot for the country and should be remembered as a man who fought the one party state by championing for plural politics.

He said the second republican president died an innocent person and that it was senseless for some people with corrosive hatred to continue demonizing him even in his grave.

He said the family of Dr Chiluba was living a modest life because the former president did not want to use his position to abuse public resources.

The Finnish Government has refused to assist Sunny Car Center which was swindled by some Nigerian fraudsters using the name second republican president Frederick Chiluba’s widow Regina.

The Finish police have now refused to assist Sunny Car Center saying they could not be called to investigate the matter when the company was warned of the fraud but chose to ignore the caution.

The Finnish Police has since told Sunny Centre that it could pursue the matter through their lawyers saying: “We cannot do much if you lack an active plaintiff who feels ripped off.”

Some Nigerian fraudsters have swindled a Finnish company, Sunny Car Center out of £280 000 using the £28 million as a bait.

The millions of pounds  purportedly belonging to second republican president Frederick Chiluba’s widow, Regina.

The Finnish Police have confirmed that Sunny Car Centre, developers of a mega shopping mall and vehicle centre fallen victims of Nigerian fraudsters after ignoring warning from the police and circumvented rules to wire £280 000 to South Africa.

Detective Chief Inspector Jari Uotila Häme stated that the police suspected that Nigerian fraudsters were behind the £28 million purportedly belonging to Mrs Chiluba.

Even after the authorities in Finland and South Africa raised the red flag over the fake transaction purportedly meant to unlock what they claimed was Mrs Chiluba’s £28 million, Sunny Car Center went ahead and made an advance deposit to the Nigerians of up to £280 000.