Lies damn lies

Politics without morality are the bane of good governance, peace and national stability.

One lie inevitably leads to another and ultimately the closely knit ensemble unravels to national detriment.

It is also about time that Zambians identified perpetual liars, those with shifting alliances because they have permanent interests to serve. They will serve any contemporary leadership for as long as it protects their financial interests.

The Patriotic Front in particular must begin to notice the very subtle policy shifts occurring in our political landscape. There is a growing divide and rule strategy aimed at exploiting the swelling tide for a new political dispensation.

A new platform emphasizing human and social capital investment, distinct from the current infrastructure based paradigm is being countenanced, by a grouping that is young and seeking to break away from the current morass.

Sensing the danger a quick, but very convenient shift is being made to laud and eulogies President Michael Sata’s ability and acumen in identifying and therefore articulating grass root programmes that touch the minds and heart of the people.

It is common knowledge that President Sata has not been in the public eye for a very long time. Indeed very few people have interacted with him directly, therefore to suggest otherwise is duplicity of the worst order.

The real problem at the heart of the current situation is the succession modality as envisaged by the Patriotic Front constitution and the one established by the constitution. The two clash, but what is more there is no love lost among Central Committee members, who must manage party transition.

The constitution provision is clear and the various individuals quite clearly identifiable. The way for the party may be clear by statute but not practice, hence the current spats.

And yet there are issues  which the PF Central Committee and indeed Cabinet must begin to address in order to  respond appropriately when the need arises to exercise the various options and  provisions.

We believe that Mr. Alexander Chikwanda, the Minister of Finance is being naïve when he suggests that there is no vacancy in the Presidency and that people should not aspire or strategize. This may be so by law but is that how others assess the situation? Obviously not. There are those who have sensed an opportunity from which they will benefit and are doing everything possible to endear themselves to the ultimate political authority while creating sufficient room to create a new alliance with any group that emerges from the current shifting ground.

We will not be surprised when they embrace their nemesis Hakainde Hichilema the President of the  United Party for National Development (UPND) as their personal savior when circumstances demand. That is their character. There was a time when President Sata was described in the most uncharitable terms but is now a hero because he has everything to offer.

So to those in the restive waters of political ferment and formation, we say: not all those who embrace you will mean well.

To the rest of Zambians we say watch out for those damn lies.