Who leaked secret letter?

WHO leaked the secret government document being used to undermine the Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda political activist, Edward Mumbi has asked.

Mr Mumbi has charged that the people championing the resignation of Mr Chikwanda were the same who attempted to use the Minister to circumvent paying back huge amounts of money owed the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ).

“That leakage emanates from a person with an interest to demonise and seek the removal of Mr Chikwanda now that he is no longer useful and is an encumbrance, Mr Mumbi Said.

Mr Mumbi has called on security agencies to institute investigations into how a classified document discussing the Value Added Tax (VAT) General Administration Rule 18 was leaked to a media house which has been running slander and blackmail campaign against Mr Chikwanda.

Mr Mumbi charged that whoever leaked the document on the $600 million VAT refund to the mines breached the secrecy regulation hereby endangering the security of the country.

Mr Mumbi said whoever leaked the document should be arrested and prosecuted for breaching the Secrecy Act.

He said it was unfortunate that some people had maliciously decided to isolate Mr Chikwanda from a collective cabinet decision and launched a ferocious campaign to have the Finance Minister resign from government.

He said if the people championing the resignation of Mr Chikwanda were genuine, they should have condemned the Finance Minister when he instructed the office of the Solicitor General to withdraw the DBZ case from court so that those who owed Zambians could get away with the money.

Mr Mumbi stated that the attempt to have the DBZ to withdraw the case from court after Judge Mutuna had ordered that the money be paid back was a more serious crime than the deliberately distorted information that was being peddled by some media houses.

He explained that the DBZ scandal led to the establishment of the Lovemore Chikopa Tribunal after President Sata suspended Judge Mutuna and Judge Charles Kajimanga along with Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda.

Mr Mumbi said the conspiracy between a clique and senior Patriotic Front (PF) if not checked could easily make the country ungovernable.

“It is very clear that some senior government official could have leaked the classified government letter detailing the VAT General Administration Rule. Whoever leaked that document must have been part of the cabinet meeting that made the decision and I challenge the security agencies and the police to immediately commence investigations into how a government classified document was leaked to the media. They have decided to distort the contents of the document to create base from which to attack Mr Chikwanda. You cannot isolate an individual minister from a collective cabinet decision,’ Mr Mumbi said.

He stated that Zambians were aware that there were schemes within the ruling party to get rid of all people considered threats to the presidency so that they could facilitate a clear passage of their preferred presidential candidate.

Mr Mumbi said the group of people holding President Sata captive and propagating hate messages against Mr Chikwanda had created serious deficits in the governance of the country apart from making the PF unpopular and unwanted by citizens.

He explained that the governance of the country was failing because some selfish PF leaders had preoccupied themselves with schemes of how they wrestle power from a legitimately elected president.

He said the people signing praises for President Sata were the same who called him names when he was in the opposition and that they were eulogizing him (Sata) because of the benefits they were enjoying under his leadership.

“An intelligent advice to the senior PF leaders is that they should learn to read all the documents passed to them and cabinet so that the unintelligent blame game should stop,” Mr Mumbi said.

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