N/West Police gets tough

THE police command in North-Western province has warned that it will flush out political cadres who will be found causing violence in the province ahead of the two by-elections slated for September 11, this year.

Prior to the Mangango by-election, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) called a meeting of political leaders and the police high command to discuss political and electoral matters at which they resolved that political parties should stop ferrying cadres from other places to constituencies where by-elections were scheduled to take place.

North-Western police commission Eugene Sibote said the police officers have been deployed throughout the province to identify the political cadres from other places that have been brought into the province.

“We have enough police officers and we have deployed them everywhere in the province, I can’t tell you how many police officers we have stationed as for now,” Mr Sibote said.

He said at the moment in Solwezi and the province at large, there was peace and have not been any reports of violence but emphasized that the police were ready to handle any events. “Every day there are buses that come from Lusaka, we don’t stop people who are coming from Lusaka to do business. We don’t stop anybody, even yourself if you want you can travel to Solwezi.

“But what we saying is that if they travel to Solwezi to come and cause violence, we will deal with them,” Mr Sibote said.

Recently, there had been reports that police in North-Western province had started clamping down on political cadres that had been deployed by various parties to Zambezi west and Solwezi central from other places to cause violence ahead of the by-elections.