Police and divided allegiance

That a secret letter to the President could be leaked in the interest of promoting sectional interests raises very serious questions of institutional integrity.

That is why Inspector General of Police and all the security wings of Government should spare no effort but identify and deal with the source of the leakage

IG Stella Libongani has no choice but deal with the matter decisively and keep the nation informed.

For the first time, government has complained that its own classified document to President Michael Sata had been deliberately leaked to a media house strongly perceived to be an ally of the people who have launched a sustained campaign against Mr Chikwanda.

While it may appear to be something not as frightening, what this entails is that a lot of secret government documents are no longer safe and that people in-charge of protecting such sensitive documents must certainly provide answers to this.

There is also a danger that the security of the country has been dangerously compromised for how does one explain the inertia from the security wing to commence investigations into how such a classified document could so easily be found in possession of unauthorised persons.

Last week, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda revealed that his secret letter to President Sata was leaked to some media houses and that those in possession of the document were deliberately distorting the contents of the letter to lay ground from which a hired group of citizens could fire their slander and hate arsenals against the Minister.

One would have expected that the police, DEC and other investigation agencies to have swiftly moved in immediately after the State complained but surprisingly, there has been no action from such wings.

We are very concerned that national security could be easily compromised if contentious Government policy was allowed to grace unguarded public debate that would inevitably affect perceptions of Zambia as a leading investment destination.

The allegiance of our security agencies should never be compromised by political or sectional interest. These agencies owe their allegiance to the President. 

Mr Chikwanda is a senior Government official who has on several occassions acted as President and if he complains about mismanagement of Government documents, relevant bodies should sit up and provide a clear way forward.

Lack of Police guidance on this matter has so many implications and ramifications and we are wondering if any government document would be safe if there are people within the system undermining government operations

It is either the Police have chosen to ignore Mr Chikwanda or they are on the side of those vilifying the Minister of Finance.

Therefore the complication is that those maligning the Minister will continue with their evil schemes of leaking Government documents to target whoever they wish to scandalise.

We are also wondering how much of the classified information is in already in the hands of clique and ready to be used to scandalise and blackmail whoever they deem to be an obstacle to their ambitions.

If the police and DEC had been more than ready to raid homes of citizens looking for all sorts of things including drugs, they should have been even faster to trace the route used have such documents get into the wrong hands with wrong intensions.