Jean Kapata warns cartel

THE clique scheming to fraudulently take over the leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF) will soon be exposed and flushed out of the ruling party, Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata has warned.

Ms Kapata has also revealed that she is one of the many cabinet ministers and senior PF officials being targeted by the clique.

She said the clique was a composition of personalities of diminished relevance in the PF and that was the reason why they had resorted to slander, malice and blackmail in their quest to maintain their imaginary popularity in the PF.

Ms Kapata said there were no factions in the ruling party except for a group of unelected individuals who were planning to hijack the presidency of the PF and that of the country after tasting power.

She said the clique causing confusion in the PF was very well known and that it was only a matter of time before the true members of the party would rise to protect the party and President Michael Sata whom she said the group was publicly praising but covertly scheming against.

Ms Kapata said Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili was being truthful when he broke the ice and charged that Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was not the only one targeted by the power hungry group.

He said the true green PF devotees had not forgotten that the same people who were insulting and abusing President Sata were now praising him as the best leader yet they were busy laying political snares against the Head of State.

Last week, Mr Chikwanda revealed that there was a cartel within the ruling PF who leaked a classified letter addressed to President Sata and distorted the contents of the document to launch a slander and malicious campaign against him (Chikwanda).

Ms Kapata said she was a tough-tested politician who would not be threatened or broken by the clique.

She said Zambia had a sitting President in the name of Mr Sata and that any form of disloyalty or betrayal would not be tolerated by genuine members of the ruling party.

“We have been watching the cartel for a long time and we know their schemes. Most of the people in the clique are planning to usurp power both at party level and national level. Let them be warned that they must stop their dirty campaigns because we shall easily flush them out of the party. Some of the people scheming against President Sata erroneously think we cannot challenge them but we are the true and dedicated members of the party and we shall do everything to protect the party and President Sata to whom we have our allegiance,” Ms Kapata said.

She said the group was making the party unpopular because Zambians were angry with the plans to destabilize the governance of the country which was witnessing a lot of development through President Sata who she said had dedicated his life to serving the majority poor Zambians.

Ms Kapata said time would soon come when the cartel would be exposed and that the party would shame them by ensuring that they did not get anywhere near the leadership of the PF.

She explained that the party was aware that the clique had already launched their campaigns to take over the leadership of the party adding she knew about the secret meetings where plans to hijack the party were being fine-tuned.

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  1. The firing of Wynter Kabimba has brought a long awaited sigh of relief to all well meaning PF members, especialy to some of us who did not make it to Parliament in 2011, with Wynter in office, we were like dung in his sight, yet we were an integral part of the army that saw the PF taking up the mantles of Governance, democratically ousting the MMD out of power in 2011. I would like to re echo Hon Kapata’s warning to all Wyntercentrics and all his reminants to takea leaf out of this. Long live PF.

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