Kabimba not entitled to ZAF choppers

MMD president Nevers Mumba says Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba has no authority to be using Zambia Air Force (ZAF) planes to fly around the country to conduct political campaigns.

Dr Mumba said the MMD was concerned about the way PF government, especially Mr Kabimba who is Minister of Justice, was running the affairs of this country.

“The question I have for him (Mr Kabimba) and PF, is in what capacity is Mr Wynter Kabimba flying all over the country in government choppers and air force planes? In what capacity is he using the ZAF planes? He is not vice president, he is not president. He is the Minister of Justice and secretary general of a political party which is in government?

“It is important for Zambians to realize that if we don’t stop people, such as Mr Kabimba from abusing national resources, they will make some of our policies very difficult when we get back to power. We don’t want to go after former leaders,” he said.

The MMD president was speaking on Prime Television’s Oxygen of Democracy programme.

Dr Mumba said during the MMD regime it was only the president who used ZAF planes to fly around the country adding that the vice-president was only allowed to use commercial planes.

He said the late President Mwanawasa also did not allow his cabinet ministers to use ZAF planes.

“In this regard, Mr Kabimba is making himself very available for prison because we are going to ask him in what capacity was he flying around the country. I was the vice-president of this country, between me and the late president Mwanawasa even when I was going to the Copperbelt, he never allowed me to use air force planes.

“He told me to get on the Zambian Airways or Proflight planes to go to Kitwe. In places where there was no service for commercial planes like when going to Chinsali and Mongu , then he (the President) would allow the vice-president to use air force planes,” he said.

He charged that Mr Kabimba should stop abusing ZAF planes and if he did not stop he would face the wrath of the people because they were seeing all the illegality.

“This must stop because if he does not stop, Mr Kabimba will realize the wrath of Zambian people, they are watching him now. It is important for us to warn him ahead of time that what he is doing is wrong and that he was sending a wrong message to Zambians,” Dr Mumba said.

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