RTSA steps up road patrols

HIGH way patrols by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will soon be intensified to ensure road users adhere to road safety regulations, says acting senior public relations manager Fredrick Mubanga.

Mr Mubanga said the agency was utilising various platforms to sensitise road users about issues of road safety.

Speaking ahead of two traditional ceremonies, the Kulamba of the Chewa people of Eastern Province and Likumbi Lyamize of North Western Province on Saturday, Mr Mubanga said the agency would ensure that road safety took centre stage during the events.

Mr Mubanga said during activities like traditional ceremonies RTSA wanted to enhance and consolidate matters of road safety.

“We understand that the traditional ceremonies attract a magnitude of people from around Zambia and neighbouring countries and therefore, as the RTSA, we will ensure that all road users follow road safety regulations,” said Mr Mubanga.

He further said RTSA would be conducting road safety education and publicity campaigns at Mkaika Headquarters in Katete District, and along the Great East Road.

Mr Mubanga said statistics indicated that road traffic accidents were prominent in rural highways where the majority of victims were pedestrians and cyclists.

“We will also be conducting road safety education at Mize grounds to ensure that road safety matters are part of the agenda during traditional ceremonies,” he said.