Zambia’s Ebola fight gets WHO’s U$50,000 boost

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has donated US$ 50,000 worth of protective equipment to the Ministry of Health to fight any potential Ebola outbreak in the country.

WHO Country representative Jean-Marie Dangou said with Ebola raging in other countries, it was vital for Zambia to put in place necessary preventive and response measures against an Ebola outbreak.

Dr Dangou described the recent Ebola outbreak which has affected Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria in West Africa as the deadliest in history.

He commended government for the actions being undertaken in accordance with (WHO) international regulation of 2005, which provides recommendation for control of international spread of disease across borders.

Dr Dangou emphasized the need for timely sharing of information at all levels including communities to avoid unnecessary panic and fear among members of the public.

And Ministry of Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya said government has intensified surveillance and screening for people from Ebola hit areas and sensitising travellers to Ebola hit countries.

Dr. Chilufya said the government would strengthen surveillance system at Kasumbalesa border post to prevent any possible outbreak of the deadly virus in the country.

WHO is said to have deployed more than 284 staff and international experts to the affected countries.

Meanwhile, Mufulira District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe said the Medical personnel have been deployed at Mokambo border post, following Ebola cases reported in the republican of Congo.

Mr Kabwe said the district was adequately prepared to curb the scourge of the deadly disease of Ebola that has claimed more than 1000 lives in some Western African countries.

“I want to inform the nation that   the district is adequately prepared to curb the scourge of the deadly disease of Ebola spreading into the Zambian territory through Mokambo border post for people going in and out of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“My Office and other relevant stakeholders in the district especially the medical fraternity have put stringent measures at Mokambo border post in the mining town of Mufulira at the point of entry by screening the people using the border facility,” he said.