Cabinet must be impeached, says Miyanda

The disappearance of President Michael Sata is a scandal and the Patriotic Front (PF) must not hold the country to ransom by refusing to explain the prolonged absence of the Head of State from public appearances, Heritage Party (HP) president Godfrey Miyanda has said.

Brigadier General Miyanda has demanded the impeachment of cabinet for failing to perform their constitutional obligations of constituting a medical board to examine President Sata’s health status to continue holding on to the presidency.

GenMiyanda has said it is a scandal for President Sata to have withdrawn from public appearances and has demanded that government should tell the nation the truth about the true health status of the Head of State.

Gen Miyanda said the disappearance of President Sata was not a PF or family affair but was a matter that concerned the country’s security and stability hence the urgent need by government to inform the nation about the true health status of the Head of State.

Gen Miyanda said government had no right to lie to its citizens and that the silence over President Sata withdrawal from the public appearances could have compromised and impaired the security of the State and the President.

In a statement captioned ‘A paper on the case of missing commander-In-Chief’, Gen Miyanda said Zambians were in doubt as to who was in-charge of the affairs of the country.

“This scandal demands truthful answers by a proper person representing the executive. We suggest that Vice-President Guy Scott, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu should together address a live broadcast and take questions from the public. The PF can keep their president and deal with that situation as they feel. But we the people must claim our Republican President and demand for the truth. The executive must tell all there is,” Gen Miyanda said.

Gen Miyanda said President Sata while in the opposition raised combative questions about the health of late President Levy Mwanawasa  to the extent that he predicted a national crisis. Gen Miyanda recalled that President Sata insisted for the establishment of a medical board and that answers were provided to him and that there was no crisis because the constitution was followed.

He said the episode had repeated itself except that this time, there had been no truthful answer from the elected government apart from lies. Gen Miyanda wondered why the Executive had not followed the law when the constitution was neither ambiguous not silent on what should happen when the President was unable to function.

He said Zambia was in a crisis because government had ignored the constitution and other laws adding that it was important for the Executive to observe the rule of law.