Girl relives her rape ordeal

A 16-year-old girl yesterday testified in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court how she was allegedly locked up in the house by a man who also  had sex with her for over a week.

This is in a case in which Collins Siantombo ,30, of Chipata Overspill house number 139/11 is facing one count of rape contrary to section 132 of the penal code 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Siatombo has pleaded not guilty to the charge arguing that the juvenile  consented.

The girl told the court that she met Siantombo whom she did not know and the two engaged  in a conversation.

The juvenile of Lusaka’s SOS Village told Resident Magistrate Humphrey Chitalu that on June 21 she asked for permission from the youth leader mama Esther Chiambala to go and see her sister Grace Mumba in Chipata Overspill at around  15.00 hours.

She spent a night at her sister’s home and the following day she started going back to school.

“We started walking together and, when we reached Siantombo house he told me to enter and I  did so.

“ He later tied my hands with a cloth and gagged my mouth with another piece of cloth and forcibly had sex with  me while the house was locked.” she said. He even tore my pink under wear because he had sex with me without my consent.,” she said She explained that Siantombo would go and come in the house and forcibly have sex with her for one week and two days.She that on June 30 at 19.00 hours she started looking for keys which  she found on a sofa and opened the door and left. She reported the matter to SOS Village Director who took her to North Gate Police station to report the matter  and Siantombo was consequently arrested for keeping her in his house and having sex without he consent.The juvenile admitted having had sexual encounters before meeting Siantombo and further admitted being mischievous.

When asked if  she had sex with her boyfriend Henry who was Siantombo in the accused’s  house, the girl denied, saying she made love to Henry at a lodge in Mandevu. Asked if she hid information from teachers for fear of being  expelled from school, the girl admitted her fears, saying she was an dishonest person. Asked if she slept with other men apart from Henry, the juvenile said that she had slept with three other men but did not know their ages.  Magistrate Chitalu adjourned the matter September 5, September 23, October 10 and October 14 because the girl suddenly developed stomach pains and started crying in the courtroom.