Trafigura investigation

The Trafigura controversy has not been resolved. It is  our hope that in the changed circumstances the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) will be quick to reopen  with the same zeal and determination as they have done in other cases.

The circumstances are the same and therefore treatment should be the same.

It will be recalled that Wynter Kabimba accompanied by a horde of party cadres truncated and ultimately made it impossible for an interview to take place. The nation was later informed that investigations had exonerated the Minister.

The same pronouncement  had been made regarding investigations about the former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, who was quickly visited by the law soon after leaving office.

In the Trafigura controversy there was no attempt by the ACC to explain the circumstances under which the matter was closed. The  facts are still the same and the demand for an investigation still remains valid.  Zambians must know why Government bought overpriced oil from Trafigura. It paid twice the amount of the ruling world prices.

This matter will not go away. It may take long but a time will come when it must be given full vent for the truth to be told and for those responsible to be held accountable- meaning that they must explain their role in any given matter.

We are not suggesting any form of culpability in the matter. We are simply emphasizing the demand for transparency and accountability in a transaction in which the former Minister presided over energy matters and soon after got involved in the procurement and transportation of fuel.

It will also be recalled that the  senior officer in ERB were dismissed unceremoniously on apparent suspicion of leaking negative information. Those officers are still in Zambia and certainly available for the investigation officers to interrogate and obtain a satisfactory answer which we shall accept.

It is also about time that our investigative officers became proactive by investigating and prosecuting matters in a timely fashion and not waiting until the “afterlife” dawns on a  public officer.

It is not in our place to gloat over what has happened to the former Minister. We are simply saddened that all those involved did not see the writing on the wall to mend their ways and create tranquility, harmony and mutual accommodation.

The moral of the story is that we should be wary about the company and friends we keep. There are those who have no regard for ethics and morals and will seek to use every and any opportunity to promote their personal interests.

To them Wynter will be acceptable  collateral damage, because in their matrix there are no permanent enemies or  friends but only permanent interests  which shift and reach out to new allies.

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