Wynter fired; PF celebrates

THERE was jubilation and ululations from Lusaka based PF cadres in town yesterday soon after it was announced that Wynter Kabimba had been sacked both as Justice Minister and secretary general of the ruling party.

Patriotic Front youths yesterday took to the streets singing songs of solidarity to President Michael Sata and denouncing Mr Kabimba and his supporters.

The youths are now  demanding that the former Justice Minister should immediately be expelled from the ruling party.

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili who is also PF national chairperson described the dismissal of Mr Kabimba as long overdue stating that the former Justice Minister was most unwanted leader in the party and the country.

Mr Kambwili said the PF devotees and the general citizenry were so tired and angry with Mr Kabimba who had made himself the alpha and omega of the ruling party.

Mr Kambwili said many ministers and other senior PF officials could have resigned if it were not for the love of the party because Mr Kabimba had tormented a long list of party faithful.

“I am so relieved with the news that Mr Kabimba has been sacked. He accused Mr Kabimba of promoting divisions and creating parallel structures and tormented many faithful members of the party. Presidents are born and not just made and forced on citizens. Kabimba became so pompous that the people loyal to him (Kabimba) stopped respecting senior members of the party,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili has warned Mr Kabimba’s loyalists to begin behaving because they risked being disciplined.

We suffered extensively under the hands of Mr Kabimba and we are celebrating his dismissal and this should be a lesson to all truant members who were hero-worshiping him (Kabimba). PF started getting unpopular because of one individual but now watch the space, we are going to regain our popularity,” Mr Kambwili said.

Chief Chimbuka of Chinsali commended President Sata for having gotten rid of Mr Kabimba.

Yesterday, President Sata sacked Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister, a decision that immediately attracted a lot of congratulatory messages from party devotees and the general public with most of them saying the dismissal was long overdue.

The Daily Nation was inundated by phone calls from a cross section of society trying to confirm the sacking of Mr Kabimba with some calling on the security agencies to immediately commence investigations on his businesses.

Mr Kabimba has also lost the position of Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general making him an ordinary member of the ruling party.

Defence Minister Edgar Lungu is the new secretary general of the PF and apart from his current portfolio he (Lungu) will preside over the Ministry of Justice.

“His Excellency, Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia has with immediate effect revoked the appointment of Wynter Kabimba as Minister of Justice and party secretary general. Mr Edgar Lungu becomes the new secretary general and Minister of Justice in addition to his portfolio as Minister of Defence,” President Sata announced through presidential press aide George Chellah.

Meanwhile former Eastern Province PF chairperson Lameck Mangani said God had answered the prayers of many Zambians who were agitated by Mr Kabimba’s alleged lack of respect for others.

Mr Mangani said Mr Kabimba thought he was untouchable adding the PF would for the first time experience peace and harmony with the dismissal of the former Justice Minister.

“We are celebrating here in Chipata because God has answered our prayers. Kabimba thought he was untouchable and stepped on a lot of people’s toes. Kabimba’s style of leadership was about bullying other people. Mr Kabimba wanted to personalize President Sata and we are happy that he has been fired,” Mr Mangani said.

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala said Mr Kabimba had completely lost track because he thought he had become powerful by siding with the wrong PF members.

Mr Changala said all those who had been misleading Mr Kabimba should learn a lesson that impunity and arrogance were not the best way of governing and that they would not escape transgressions they had committed against Zambians.

Political activist Dante Saunders said now that Mr Kabimba has been fired, he would know the importance of a good constitution.

Mr Saunders said Mr Kabimba together with many of his friends and supports should be ready for anything. “If Mr Kabimba thought he had power, time has come for him to put it to a test. Soon he will realise that a good constitution is important,” Mr Saunders said.

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