APNAC blasts Mweetwa over Chikwanda remark

A MEMBER of the African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) has lashed out at its chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa for joining calls for the resignation of Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda without informing other members of the organisation.

Mwimba Malama, a member of APNAC has called on Zambians to ignore with contempt a statement attributed to Mr Mweetwa demanding the resignation of Mr Chikwanda stating that the statement did not represent the position of the organisation.

Mr Malama who is deputy Minister of Works and Supply said Mr Mweetwa did not consult other executive members of APNAC on his statement in which he attacked Mr Chikwanda who in the recent past has been a victim of slander and blackmail by some hired citizens in a scheme to scandalize him so that he could either resign or be fired.

He said it was unfortunate that Mr Mweetwa rashed to the media to issue a statement against Mr Chikwanda without consulting other members of APNAC and that it was clear that the Choma Central Parliamentarian was pushing his own agenda.

Mr Malama alleged that Mr Mweetwa was using APNAC to advance the cause of a group of people that had declared war against Mr Chikwanda for unknown reasons.

He stated that it was unacceptable that the chairman of an orgainisation like APNAC could easily be used to champion a hate crusade against Mr Chikwanda without seeking to establish the facts about what was going on in the mining sector.

Mr Malama said this was the second time Mr Mweetwa had issued a statement to the media without consulting other APNAC members or seeking advice and that such careless statement were destroying the integrity of the orgainisation.

“I am a member of APNAC and at no time did we meet to take such a position on the Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda. So Zambians should ignore Mr Mweetwa’s statement demanding the resignation of Mr Chikwanda because that is not the position of APNAC. We were shocked that Mr Mweetwa had joined a crusade against Mr Chikwanda without informing other members and we are beginning to suspect that he is using APNAC to advance his agenda and that of other people. APNAC is supposed to protect all MPs in Parliament in Zambia and Africa as a whole,” Mr Malama said.

Mr Malama alleged that Mr Mweetwa as chairman of APNAC should at all times avoid making unguarded statements because that would erode the credibility of the organisation whose mandate was to champion the fight against graft.

He explained that there were fears that APNAC was getting compromised because of the manner the organisation was being governed adding that when Kabwata Member of Parliament was the chairman, the orgainisation was more vibrant than it currently was.

“We do not believe in joining fights that are meant to propagate hated against citizens and we strongly believe that it is inappropriate for some people to use our noble organisation to pursue some agenda. We must strive to remain as neutral as possible because we serve the interests of a diverse constituency,” Mr Malama said.

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  1. Why indeed pay the mines VAT refunds when a lot of pensioners have not been paid their dues! ZRA had written to MoF not to pay!

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