Chief Puta cautions 2 MPs

SENIOR Chief Puta of Bwile people of Luapula Province has warned two members of Parliament in his chiefdom to stop interfering in his traditional affairs.

The two parliamentarians are for Chienge, Brigadier-General Benson Kapaya and his counterpart for Kawambwa Nickson Chilangwa.

But Gen Kapaya said the Chief was not telling the truth and that he had nothing to do with affairs of Chief Puta’s chiefdom.

Chief Puta said the behaviour of the two parliamentarian shocked him because it was him who introduced the two MPs to the people and helped them to be elected to their current positions.

In an interview in Lusaka, the chief said when he invited opposition leaders to attend the Bwile ceremony on August 2,in Chienge, the two parliamentarians started writing discrediting the traditional leader.

“I invited Nevers Mumba as MMD president, Elias Chipimo of NAREP . I am nonpartisan. I have to talk to any person I want. I can to talk to MMD, UPND, I can talk to PF,” he said.

Chief Puta  said as a traditional leader, he did not segregate who should visit him, whether they were opposition leaders or government officials.

“I used to welcome them when they were in the opposition. I even accommodated them at my palace,” he said.

Chief Puta said when he invited opposition leaders to attend traditional ceremony, he did not receive any money from them and he could not allow himself to be corrupted.

The chief accused Mr Chilangwa and Gen Kapaya of sponsoring some junior chiefs and other people to organize a parallel ceremony next month.

Chief Puta said holding of parallel Bwile ceremony had never happened since its inception in the year 1800.

“I am warning those people who want to hold a parallel ceremony in Puta, I am not going to accept anyone, who is going to attend a small and simple ceremony against our ceremony.

“I am warning, if Gen Kapaya is going to attend that ceremony, he should stop coming to my palace. If anyone or any head man is going attend that ceremony on September 5, I will not accept them as my headmen or subjects. They should just go and do their own things or business,” the chief said.

He said Zambians should always be prayerful and be careful with people they elect because the governance of this country would one day fall in some wrong hands .

Chief Puta said his chiefdom never experienced problem or confusion when Dr Katele Kalumba, Mr Ephraim Chibwe , Mr Maxwell Lufuma and others were members of Parliament in Luapula.

He said Brigadier General Kapaya and Mr Chilangwa have resorted to a divide and rule kind leadership which he said was unacceptable.

But Gen Kapaya said he was not involved in organizing junior chiefs to create parallel structures in Chief Puta’s chiefdom.

Mr Chilangwa could not be reached for a comment as his mobile phone went unanswered.