Kamfinsa MP cries sabotage

KAMFINSA member of Parliament (MP) Moses Chishimba has accused some government officials of abusing his constituency’s Developmental Funds which has led to the slowing down of some development projects in his constituency.

Mr Chishimba singled out the Ndeke Village District Hospital as one of the major development project, which had been moving at a snail’s pace because some government officers abused the CDF.

He was speaking during the tour of developmental projects in the area, which included road rehabilitation projects.

“This district hospital started a long time ago and could have been completed by now, but because of some greedy and selfish people who abused the CDF, this project is still dragging. This is very sad, but I will ensure that this hospital is completed by 2016,” said Mr Chishimba.

When asked why he could not report those suspected of having abused the CDF to law enforcement agencies, Mr Chishimba said it would be a waste of time, saying it was more sensible for him to concentrate on completing the project.

“Yes, I would have reported the official to police, but I do not want to take that route because it would be a waste of time. I would rather concentrate on completing the project to benefit the people. Stolen money will not take him anywhere,” he said.

Mr Chishimba said, once completed, the project would benefit people of Ndeke, Wusakile, Mulenga Townships and other nearby areas.

He said the hospital would have male, female, children and maternity wards.

“We are now doing the foundation for the maternity ward and by 2016, everything will be completed. Once completed, it will reduce the burden on Kitwe Central Hospital. This is a good project because it will help the people in the area,” Mr Chishimba said.

He also inspected the Ndeke village police station which has been completed and would be ready for handover any time in September.

Mr Chishimba was also impressed with the road rehabilitation works in Ndeke, Ndeke village and other parts of the constituency.

He said the road rehabilitation projects like Presidential, Tafuna and Katyetye were some of the big projects which would help to connect Ndeke township to various townships of the constituency.