Market Boards coming-Chenda

GOVERNMENT will establish Market Boards to improve management of the facilities around the country.

Local government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda said the  operations of markets and bus stations should soon be normalized with the appointment of management boards.

He was speaking after reports indicated that squatters at Buseko Market could have contributed to the fire last week that destroyed thousands worth of goods.

“All these problems will be sorted out properly once we institute proper administration in the markets. Market Boards will be put in place to handle issues of operation and regulation in markets,” Mr Chenda said.

Illegal squatters at the Buseko Market are said to have caused the fire that destroyed goods worth thousands of kwacha.

Some of the affected traders accused the people living in makeshift plastic ‘houses’ at the market area of causing the inferno.

Grace Manda said her goods were burnt in the fire that was ignited started around 23 00 hours on Monday night.

The fire was however quickly put off by the Fire Brigade that managed to arrive at the scene before it extended to the other areas.

And Lusaka City Council (LCC) public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said the council would investigate the cause of the recent fires at Buseko Market.

Meanwhile, the local authority has developed an automated certification system to reduce on overcrowding and time spent in the process of registration at the Civic Centre.

Mr Mulunda said issuance of business levy, health permits and fire certificates would now be done electronically in an effort to reduce human contact in doing business at the council .

“The automation will enable clients to collect the documents immediately the payment is made. Make use of these payment points to avoid crowding at Civic Centre,” he said.

Mr Mulunda has since called on Lusaka residents to make use of the appointed offices for payments of the various services required.

Some of the operational offices included Chelston Mini Civic Centre, Chilenje Council Office, Matero Council Offices and at the Lusaka City Clothing Factory in the Central Business District in town.