Sata calls for support from diaspora

ZAMBIANS living in the diaspora should support the Patriotic Front Government’s agenda of transforming the country into a middle income country by the 2030, says President Michael Sata.

He said the country was poised to achieve significant social and economic development and that Zambians in the diaspora needed to be an important part of the process.

This was announced by High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde, when he conveyed a special message from President Sata to Zambians living in South Africa at a cultural dance and family fun day in Johannesburg yesterday.

This is contained in a press statement issued yesterday by Zambia High Commission press secretary Nicky Shabolyo.

Mr Chikonde conveyed Mr Sata’s greetings to the crowd and pointed out that the Head of State asked the people to remain patriotic and continue supporting government’s efforts to move the development agenda forward.

Mr Sata noted that people who have been to Zambia recently could attest to the fact that Zambia was poised for greatness saying that this was the reason everyone needed to be proud of the country which would be celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

He said the Golden Jubilee theme was carefully crafted so that it could stand as an embodiment of how much Government acknowledged God’s favour in the country’s aspirations and achievements over the last 50 years.

President Sata said the Zambian mission in South Africa has already started working with the Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) to ensure that this year’s 50th Independence Celebrations were a memorable event.

Mr Chikonde said he was pleased that most Zambians in South Africa, Lesotho and Madagascar have continued to be a law abiding and united citizenry.

He said the event, organised in partnership with ZASA, was testimony to the collaboration that the High Commission was striving to build and strengthen with all those represented by the executive committee of the association.

And ZASA vice-president Ferdinand Simaanya noted that there was a lot of negativity about ZASA in the past pointing out that there was now need for all Zambians living in South Africa to join hands and make the association a success.

Mr Simaanya said ZASA would next month introduce the Zambia Welfare Fund, a member-contributory scheme, meant to help members in times of funerals and other calamities while in South Africa.

“Death is real, we cannot avoid it, but we should be ready to help lighten the burden for the people that remain behind. Let us bring to an end the practice of asking for donations every time there is death.

Let us mourn each other in a more organised and dignified manner,” he said.

Mr Simaanya also noted that the new South African immigration laws have become a challenge to most Zambians and that his association will soon engage the High Commission before advising the membership accordingly.