Cartel to blackmail Sata

DEPUTY Minister of Works and Supply Mwimba Malama has revealed that the cartel that attempted to hijack the leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF) and that of the nation has been holding clandestine and covert meetings at which they have been planning to sabotage government by blackmailing President Michael Sata.

Mr Malama said following the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF), a clique has been having covert meetings where they have allegedly been scheming to make the country ungovernable by frustrating the smooth operations of government.

He said unless the cartel was completely dismantled, there was a danger that the government could be blackmailed so that Zambians could rise against a legitimately elected President and his entire government.

Mr Malama told the Daily Nation that concerns by former Kapoche PF losing candidate Paradius Sakala that the cartel would remain a danger to the governance of the country as well as peace and political stability were genuine and should be dealt with.

He said it was treasonable for anyone to begin talking about succession when there was a sitting President who had not even completed serving his first term.

Mr Malama said it was shocking that a clique of unelected individuals started planning to usurp power from a legitimately and democratically elected President warning that government was aware of the schemes and would soon curtail their heinous plans.

He said Zambians voted for President Sata and that anyone planning to manipulate his government was committing a crime.

Mr Malama stated that it was politically incorrect for people who were not so long ago praising President Sata and his government to begin attacking him just because he had dismissed one of their friends from government.

“We are aware that the clique that almost hijacked the leadership of the PF and that of the country have been holding covert meetings at which they have been planning to sabotage government. They believe they can use the money they have unscrupulously amassed to make this country ungovernable. Let them know that we have been watching them. We know where they have been meeting and what they have been planning and time is catching up with them,” he said.

Mr Malama said some media houses had started attacking President Sata and his government because they were bitter that the Head of State had decided to get rid of Mr Kabimba who was their friend.

He said it was practically impossible for President Sata and the PF to have become tribal and corrupt soon after Mr Kabimba was fired from government and his party position as secretary general.

Mr Malama said when Mr Kabimba was in government, the people condemning President Sata did not see any corruption adding that it had become clear that the clique had become dangerously desperate and should therefore be dismantled without delay.

He said all those who were not happy with President Sata’s decision but still in his government should consider resigning because their loyalty was not with the Head of State.

Since the dismissal of Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general, President Sata has come under serious attacks by the same group of individuals who have been praising him for the last three years he has been governing the country.

Mr Malama said President Sata had a vision for the country but that he was being frustrated by the people who were claiming to be his disciples while planning to take over his (Sata) position.

He said the PF government had committed itself to delivering to the expectations of Zambians and that President Sata had ensured that roads, schools and hospitals were being constructed across the country.

“Even where we lost elections, development is taking place and that is what we want to concentrate on and not fighting for power when we have a capable President,” Mr Malama said.