MMD re-organisation on hold

MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu has said the re-organizing process of the former ruling party has been put on hold until after the five by-elections.

Last week, MMD president Nevers Mumba directed Mr Lungu to start the re-organisation process of the party following the defeat the party suffered in the Mangango by-election.

Mr Lungu said at the moment he was preoccupied with the campaigns in constituencies where there would be by-elections this month.

“That directive has to wait until after the by-elections,” Mr Lungu said, in an interview yesterday from Vubwi, where he has gone with Dr Mumba and MMD candidate for Vubwi Eustarkio Kazonga.

He said he has taken the directive by Dr Mumba seriously and he would embark on massive reorganization of the party across the country once the campaigns and by-elections were over.

Mr Lungu said the concentration of party leadership was now on the campaigns for its candidates so that it could perform better in these by-elections unlike it was in Mangango.

The MMD national secretary said since he had received instructions, he would come up with a strategy on how he would proceed with his re-organization process.

On campaigns for the five by-elections, Mr Lungu said his party was doing everything possible to ensure that it won the hearts of the people so that they could vote for its candidates.

He said from the assessment so far on the ground, the MMD was confident that it would perform better than it did in Mangango and win some seats.

“I am in Vubwi right now, and I have been here for last 2 two days campaigning for our candidate, as you know there will be a by-election here. The other day I was in Kasenengwa. From here (Vubwi) I am coming to Lusaka then I will be going to Solwezi and Zambezi.

“We are doing the best we can, we are campaigning as we usually do and we are confident that what we are doing will result into good results.” Mr Lungu said.