Posts shots; report to Police

THE Police command in Lusaka has advised Patriotic Front (PF) cadres to report to police the shooting incidence at the Post Newspapers so that officers could commence investigations to establish who fired gunshots in the air.

On Friday, six gunshots were fired in the air from the Post Newspapers premises while PF cadres gathered outside to celebrate the dismissal of Mr Kabimba.

Lusaka Province police commissioner Lemmy Kajoba said it was proving difficult for police officers to investigate the matter because there was no one who had lodged in a complaint about the shooting incidence at the Post Newspapers to the police.

“If we have got people complaining that there were shots that were fired, then let them come and make an official complaint to the police so that we can follow it up because we don’t seem to be getting somewhere with the matter,” he said.

Asked whether it was an offence to fire in the air when innocent people are peacefully celebrating, Mr Kajoba said: “It depends who has fired the gun. If it was the police officers who were firing in the air, it depends on the situation.”

“Let them come and lodge an official complaint so that we can follow it up. That will be our point of investigations.”

Mr Kajoba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he had asked for a report of from officers who were deployed to the Post Newspapers to maintained law and order but they have expressed ignorance about the shooting incidence.

He said from look of things, it appeared that police officers arrived at the scene after the shootout and they did not experience any shooting at the time they arrived.

“I have been asking around from yesterday [Monday] I don’t have anyone who is telling me that they heard the shooting,” Mr Kajoba said.

He said officers could only get more information from the Post Newspapers management if they inquired from there but he did not indicate as to whether officers would visit the media house to establish who discharged the gun.

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