State won’t be dictated to by newspapers-Katema

THE Patriotic Front (PF) government has stated that it will not govern the country on the whims of individuals with misguided ambitions because Zambians have vested their trust and confidence in President Michael Sata.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Joseph Katema has said that Zambians should never be underrated because they were wiser than those doubting their ability to analyse situations.

Commenting on an editorial in one of the daily tabloids which subtly called for presidential by-election by suggesting that if for any reason President Sata could not fully exercise his powers, the most  that could be done was to give that power back to the people, Dr Katema said Zambians were not gullible and were seeing through such people and newspapers.

Dr Katema said if the said newspaper had another agenda about Zambia other than development; Zambians were going to judge the owners of such newspapers using what they were publishing.

Dr Katema said he had always advised media houses never to take Zambians for granted because they would easily be seen through and ignored. “If you are a newspaper and you think it is only your opinion that must be respected, Zambians will see through you and you will be printing your newspaper and in the evening, you will get them back because no one will buy it. You will end up giving to marketeers to be used in markets and for other purposes,” Dr Katema said. He said the Zambian government had trust in its citizens as much as citizens had the confidence in the PF government that was legitimately elected.