Trouble looming

When was Wynter Kabimba in control of this government?

We ask because of the very dangerous assertion that, the country must now go for a presidential by-election because President Michael Sata is no control as the “corrupt and rotten” tribal clique has taken over after Wynter Kabimba was removed.

The reasoning suggests that for as long as Wynter was in control, sanity prevailed and corruption was in check but with his removal malevolent forces have been unleashed to plunder and pillage national resources.

In other words Wynter Kabimba and not President Sata has been in control.

If indeed this was the case Zambians have every reason to worry because Wynter never elected as President of this country neither was he the overall supervisory authority over other Ministers.

Therefore to suggest that since Wynter was removed from office the system has, within a matter of two days degenerated into an orgy of plunder is a dangerous fallacy that must be countered and exposed for the meaningless diatribe that it is.

This infantile reasoning would have been laughable if it was not for the serious implications, tone and intentions. It represents a very desperate capable of the worst possible betrayal of national values.

The suggestion is that a rotten group of people has removed Wynter from exercising Presidential power allotted to him because President Michael Sata faculties had degenerated so badly that he was unable to exercise executive authority.

This is treason. President Sata may indeed be facing health challenges but he has not abdicated. Alternatively Zambia is not a monarchy for power to pass without statutory authority.

If indeed the president is incapacitated or challenged, how would Wynter discern and exercise the will of the President?  It does not make sense.

 If indeed Wynter was so powerful, where did he get the power from. The current order of things does not accord any Minister power to superintend other Ministers let alone run the country as this would be unconstitutional, illegal and a clear usurpation of public authority.

The law is very clear. If the President is incapacitated the vice-president must act and if equally incapacitated cabinet must appoint one among themselves to act. This process has not been exhausted.   It therefore defeats logic that Wynter was already the  morality and ethical gatekeeper of the entire Cabinet and PF Central Committee  long before the full statutory motions were observed.

This display of desperation for power, is very dangerous. It has reached dangerous proportion and it is important that Zambians maintain vigilance because there are many  living examples  of failed  states which have sunk and degenerated because a few individuals were allowed to peddle their unbridled thirst for power, resulting in  conflict and strife.

It is important that clear analytical and common sense skills are employed to examine populist assertions that make generalized statements intended to inflame  public opinion.

There is no doubt that the next few days and weeks will be characterized by calumny, innuendo, accusations of all manner of corruption intended to black mail president Michael Sata and his cabinet to cause division and more particularly foment hatred among the people.

The destiny of this country lies in the hands of the Zambian people themselves which should not allow a cabal of heartless thieves to derail and therefore undermine the peace and tranquility this country has enjoyed in its diversity.

The transfer of power from one group to another is clearly stipulated in the constitution as provided for in periodic elections. This is as it should be because constitutionalism and democracy demand predictability, certainty and absolute rule of law.

Anybody who suggests otherwise is a criminal that should be dealt with by law enforcement agencies.

There will be no by election any time soon unless Cabinet so decides. Meanwhile our political diversity continues.

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