Indecent dressing worries govt

GOVERNMENT says it is concerned with high levels of indecent dressing and other anti-social trends in Zambia and wants the Church to help address the problem.

Luwingu district commissioner Mambwe Katontoka said government was also unhappy with  issues such as gender based violence (GBV), promiscuity and alcohol abuse among others which she had become the order of the day.

Ms. Katontoka  said it was for that reason that government was appealing to the Church to pray for the nation to overcome the vices.

 ZANIS reports that Katonkoka  said this during the ordination of Pastor Emmanuel Gondwe of the Bethel Baptist church in Luwingu district at the weekend.

In a speech read for her by Luwingu district information officer Edwin Phiri, she said it was the duty of the Church and government to see to it that such vices were contained by encouraging people to turn to God.  She added that morals and culture in the district  have continued to deteriorate because of lawlessness and disobedience to God, parents and leadership at all levels.

Ms Katontoka said the society in the area was full of inventions and practices that have turned the place into a moral disaster, dishonesty and cult related activities which affected children and the future generations. She  said it is disheartening to see old people dressing indecently and  being involved in defilement of children below the age of 16 when Zambia was a Christian nation.

Gender violence is on the rise in Luwingu district and needed concerted effort to eradicate it  through the efforts of the church,government and other concerned stakeholders.  Ms. Katontoka said some churches were losing the conviction and right standing with God in the midst of corruption which was influencing them to do wrong things.

“As government, we shall work hand in hand with the right standing churches and leaders to fulfill the biblical principles for the betterment of our people and the nation at large,” she added.  Ms katontoka urged Pastor Gondwe to look to God whenever he met challenges in spreading the word of God to the people in the district.

“The work you have chosen is very challenging, keep the biblical teachings and not deviate from word no matter the pressure you may encounter (proverb 3: 1-8), she said.