Repugnant and offensive allusions

The Patriotic Front Central Committee and indeed Cabinet must come out in the open, call the bluff and remove the carpet from the feet of the evil soothsayers who are now prophesying the mortality of the President.

They are in serious mourning because they have lost access to power and protection from their very serious financial and other evil schemes for which they now fear to answer for and will therefore do anything to sully the waters to shift attention and get away with their crimes.

Their modus operandi and, stock in trade for the last two decades is common cause, it has been a catalogue of cruel, heartless slander and character assassination, and indeed they have driven many noble and innocent people to their early deaths, that is all they know.

Little wonder they can make allusions to President Michael Sata’s death in order to advance a ridiculous political argument without the slightest sensitivity to the family and the people of Zambia.

It is a macabre, offensive and repugnant allusion that must be rebutted with facts.

It is a known fact that the President has not been well and that his trip to Israel included a health component as explained by the Vice President.

Evil people have latched on this situation to blackmail the Government and Zambian people by making allusions that are not only dangerous but downright criminal. Indeed when Brebner Changala raised this issue a Judge went on a tangent and called him a busy body, now serious allusions are being made about the President’s death.

These evil people can do so because the Government has failed to come out in the open and admit the reality that the President is not very well. How unwell, must be the duty of the Cabinet and PF Central Committee to explain so that there is no room for irresponsible speculation.

The evil people are capitalizing on the cover up that seems to be taking place by parading the President in still photographs and silent video clips, which are indicative of a problem that has already been admitted by the family which indeed had previously requested for a holiday for the head of state.

The constitution is very clear. The President has every right to take time off. He does not have to explain himself to anybody- least of all people who are in mourning because they have been cut off from power and the influence it had accorded them to become arrogant.

There are more than 60 PF Central Committee members and over 23 Cabinet Minister who can pull the rug and expose the bluff for what it really is.

Death is a grave matter, no pun intended, and should not be treated lightly; certainly it is intemperate, if not criminal to allude to the mortality of a serving head, but they can do so in the comfort that there will be no cogent response from the Government.

The biggest problem is that the argument is illogical. It is a non sequitur, a logical fallacy in which the conclusion is not supported by its premise.

If, indeed the President is not in control of his faculties why did they accept that Wynter could act as President, but now reject his dismissal? Both actions were by the President concerning the same person.

Furthermore who would have benefitted if the President did not return from Israel? They would have definitely benefitted because Wynter would have been in control. Logically therefore the so called “rotten, corrupt tribal clique” had everything to  gain by praying for the return of the President. They could not have wished him dead.

Time has come for the government to be pro-active. And remove the canon fodder that is being used to poison Zambians.

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