PF youths plan demos over Post taxes, loan

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths have warned that they will take to the streets to demand that Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, his business partner Fred M’membe, proprietor of the Post newspaper, and Nchima Nchito pay back the K14 billion Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan and other huge sums of money owed to parastatal organisations.

It was unfair, the youths have said, that the Post owed more than K4 billion in taxes alone and many billions more in National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) contributions from defunct Zambian Airways and have not been paying the taxes because of the relationhip they were enjoying with the PF government.

The youths now want DBZ, ZRA and NAPSA to agressively pursue the Post Newspaper and ensure that it met all its debt obligations.

The youths have also said that they are aware that the Post Newspaper has not been remitting taxes to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and other statutory institutions such as NAPSA for the last three years.

Former Lusaka district PF vice secretary Benja Siwila said the people who owe Zambians K14 billion had ganged up with some sponsored individuals and launched a crusade to malign and scandalize Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda so that Zambians could forget about their indebtedness to DBZ.

Mr Siwila said it was not surprising that the Post Newspaper had continued to weep the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba because they had realized that time to account for their economic transgression had come.

He said Zambians were more interested in having money owed to statutory bodies such as DBZ, ZRA and NAPSA were paid because failing to settle such debts was tantamount to robbing the country.

Mr Siwila said the Post Newspaper was trying to rebrand and repackage Mr Kabimba because of the benefits they accrued while the former Justice Minister was in government.

“They have been hiding behind the courts of law to avoid paying back the K14 billion DBZ loan. We also know that they have not been remitting taxes to ZRA for the last three years. In fact the Post stopped paying taxes to statutory bodies such as ZRA and NAPSA soon after the PF formed government and we are demanding that they pay back the DBZ loan. We also know that the Post has not been remitting taxes to ZRA and we have been watching. Time has come now to start paying or we shall go on the streets. They have acquired a lot of assets and if they cannot pay, we would be happy to have them seized,” Mr Siwila said.

Mr Siwila said the youths would resort to demonstrations against the three former directors to the defunct Zambian Airways because it had become clear that they were resisting to pay back the loan.

He said the youths in Lusaka would soon launch a second phase of what he termed kawawawa to press government to ensure that the K14 billion owed to DBZ was recovered. Mr Siwila said the youths were aware that there was a judgment by suspended High Court Judge Nigel Mutuna who ordered that the K14 billion DBZ loan be paid back because it was obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation but Mr Nchito,, brother Nchima and  Mr M’membe had been using the courts to avoid settling the debt.

He said the hate crusade against Mr Chikwanda was meant to divert the attention of Zambians from the DBZ scandal, adding that such plans would not help the trio to escaping from giving back Zambians their money. Mr Siwila said the youths were happy that Mr Chikwanda had demanded that the defunct Zambian Airways should pay back the DBZ loan in accordance with the tenets of good corperate governance. He said the Post Newspaper had continued groaning over the dismissal of Mr Kabimba not because the former Justice Minister was unfairly fired but because of the benefits that would be lost as a result of the dismissal.

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