Probe ZAMTEL corruption

The Anti-Corruption Commission has been urged to investigate corruption and kickbacks in the manner foreign contracts are entered into including the sponsorship of foreign artists at the expense of locals.  

ZAMTEL should explain its involvement in the bringing into the country of so many foreign artists at the expense of local ones who equally need the sponsorship and support from the telecommunications company even more, artists have complained.

Some local musicians have accused ZAMTEL management of sponsoring international performances in Zambia because a named senior official was benefiting.

The musicians said they were too many foreign musicians coming to perform at high powered ZAMTEL sponsored  shows but the  situation was not the same when local artists were performing.

The artists said foreign artists received massive support from the telecommunication company which raised questions of whether someone at ZAMTEL was receiving kickbacks from the shows.

“We want the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate who is benefiting from these shows by foreign artists that the company is sponsoring.

“There are just too many foreign artists coming to Zambia, almost every month under the ZAMTEL umbrella and those shows get so much support compared to what s being given to the local artists,” they said.

They explained that the local music industry did not receive as much support as the foreigners did, and wondered why the company had chosen to side with outsiders when it was a government institution.

Some local musicians have questioned the frequency at which foreign artists were coming to perform in Zambia which has raised a lot of suspicions.

They have alluded to the fact that seemed there were some people who could have be directly profiting from the performances being supported by ZAMTEL. The artists complained that the local music industry was not happy with the idea of bringing foreign artists to Zambia who performed at high fees despite having an active and vibrant local industry.

“ZAMTEL should be spending money on improving the local music industry instead of supporting international artists whom it brings in Zambia at a high cost,” they charged.

But ZAMTEL public relations officer only identified as Patricia said the company has been involved in the promotion of local artists, and that an official statement would be made by the company public relations manager who was reported to be in a meeting by press time.

2 thoughts on “Probe ZAMTEL corruption

  1. Zamtel just continue bringing in the foreign artists let the local ones work hard and become internationally recognised then the coporate world wil consider them as for no zambian can pay K100 & for a local show because they are not yet ripe

  2. I totally agree. Firstly, when ZAMTEL was being launched a few year ago (i.e.2011) they invited a South African called Lira. Very few Zambians know or care about this Lira.

    Thereafter, it has been the over-the-cliff Zaireans [Ooops, Congolese!] beginning with Kofi Olomide (twice, then that group whose title I have forgotten and most recently, a few days ago, some other fellow from Zaire.

    Can ZAMTEL tell us which Zambian singer(s) they are supporting and how much ZAMTEL has spent on these Congolese?

    Also, how much they are spending on supporting Zambian music besides NOT paying for Zambian music stolen by ZAMTEL and used in answering tone.

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