Stop flogging Kabimba

The ruling Patriotic Front infighting must not affect the general governance of the nation, former Prime Minister in the UNIP government General Malimba Masheke has said.

Gen Masheke said the country could not afford to be subjected to daily reports of infighting in the ruling party when there were a lot of challenges the country was facing.

He said the saga about the dismissal of Mr Kabimba should not consume the government’s time to deliver what was promised to Zambians. Gen Masheke wondered why the ruling party had continued flogging Mr Kabimba who had become irrelevant to the governance system of the country.

He said the dismissal of Mr Kabimba was punishment enough and should not consume time and divert the government’s attention of implementing its developmental programmes.

“I really feel pity for Mr Kabimba and what he is going through is punishment enough and must be left alone to lick his own wounds. He has been gotten ridden of and what is the point of talking about someone who is no longer a hindrance in the governance system,” he wondered. Gen Masheke alleged that the PF succession wrangles would likely affect the national programmes because the government was concentrating and wasting time at the expense of citizens.

He said the squabbles within the ruling party were a source of concern because they were a hindrance to development. Gen Masheke said Zambians were more concerned with the development of the country and that the PF infighting was affecting national programmes. He said the PF government should know that Zambians wanted to see its campaign promises being fulfilled and development being brought to various sectors of the economy.