Edgar Lungu warns cartel

THE clique peddling insinuations that President Michael Sata is surrounded by corrupt and tribal ministers who are after his power and life following the sacking of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary-general of the Patriotic Front (PF) is committing treason, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu has warned.

And Mr Lungu, who is Justice Minister and secretary-general of the PF, has stated that Mr Kabimba is no longer a Member of Parliament because his nomination was revoked by President Sata when he sacked him as Justice Minister.

Mr Lungu said the clique was “just waffling by playing a tired corrupt and tribal tag” against President Sata and the PF and stated that the ruling party would ignore the Post Newspaper with its allies because their reaction to the dismissal of Mr Kabimba had exposed them for who they are.

He said Zambians could no longer be fooled by the diatribe being spewed by the clique that is working to isolate President Sata from his own government by alleging that his ministers and other PF senior officials were corrupt and tribal. Mr Lungu said it was ironical that the Post Newspaper could be praising President Sata as a good and visionary leader while demonizing his government by asserting that the ministers he had appointed to help him govern were corrupt, crooks and tribal.

Mr Lungu said it was a delusion of the worst form for the clique to imagine that Mr Kabimba was the alpha and the omega of the PF when the former Justice Minister joined the ruling party when it had already become popular.

He questioned how the PF could suddenly have become corrupt and tribal after the departure of Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general when he (Lungu) had only been the chief executive of the party for only one week.

“The information that President Sata is now surrounded by a corrupt and tribal group of ministers who are after his power and life can be treasonable.  If they have such information, why have they not reported to police? I have said before that if they have such alarming information, let them report to police otherwise they are just waffling. They are making hollow allegations and Zambians are seeing through their unfounded claims. I have just been secretary general for one week and I have become corrupt.

You cannot be praising President Sata as a good and visionary leader and demonise his government as being corrupt and tribal,” Mr Lungu said. And Mr Lungu has clarified that Mr Kabimba had no constituency and could not go to Parliament because his presence in the House was purely based on his position as Justice Minister.

Mr Lungu said President Sata’s letter appointing him as Justice Minister was clear and unambiguous on the status of Mr Kabimba adding that the Head of State had informed Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini on his decision. He stated that Mr Kabimba was not representing any constituency and wondered how the former Justice Minister would even contemplate entering Parliament when his nomination had been revoked.

“Mr Kabimba’s constituency was the Ministry of Justice and he lost his position as Justice Minister and so he cannot remain an MP,”  he said.

I represent Chawama constituency and if I lost my ministerial position, I would remain an MP. So who would Mr Kabimba be representing in Parliament when he has no constituency? Mr Lungu asked.

Mr Lungu said there was nothing wrong with citizens being ambitious but what was unacceptable was mishandling one’s dreams