“Govt won’t release draft constitution”

THERE is no assurance that the Patriotic Front (PF) government will release the new constitution now, says political activist Dante Saunders.

He has charged that talks on the constitution making process would not change the PF government’s direction because they have their own way of running the country.

“There is nothing new which the PF will talk about regarding the new constitution, because they have got their own agenda and nothing will change what they want,” Mr Saunders said.

He said no amount of meetings regarding the constitution making process would yield any results as long as there was no word from the head of state.

Mr Saunders said the fact that the process lacked a direction in the first place, was clear indication that the PF government would not give the people of Zambia what they deserved.

He said President Sata was key in the constitution making process but that the Head of State was quiet about it despite various meeting that had been held to ensure the release of the document.

“We should just forget about the new constitution under this government, and to make matters worse, even the new justice minister (Edgar Lungu) was clear that the government should not be pushed around over the release of the constitution,” Mr Saunders said.

He said the Zambian people must now find an alternative to have the new constitution released rather than having meetings which were a waste of time, adding that it was a known fact that Zambia would not have a new constitution from the PF government.

Mr Saunders alleged that if the government was ready to give Zambians a new constitution, it would not have been changing positions.

He said Zambians people have been calling for a constitution that would stand the test of time adding that the people’s expectation on the constitution must be preserved and protected at all costs.