‘No NRCs for former Angola refugees’

THE Ministry of Home Affairs has dispelled reports that it is issuing National Registration Cards (NRCs) to former Angolan refugees in Zambezi district.

Ministry of Home Affairs head of public relations Moses Suwali said government had not embarked on such exercise in Zambezi and that there was no way it could have started the process in the remote area.

Mr Suwali challenged people who might know where such purported exercise was taking place to report the matter to the police.

“We are appealing to the people with that information to give us so that we can follow it up from there,” he said.

Mr Suwali said in an interview yesterday that there was no issuance of NRCs in Zambezi or anywhere in Zambia.

He said if there was issuance of NRCs to former Angolan refugees, the Government would have made the exercise public so that affected people were given the documents.

“As for now we don’t have any programme on issuance of NRCs. So, we are wondering where these reports are coming from,” he said.

Mr Suwali said reports on the issuance of NRCs were unfounded and should not cause panic among citizens in the area.

Recently, one the officers from the National Registration Office assigned to conduct the registration exercise confirmed in Zambezi that the issuance of NRCs was expected to commence on Monday this week.

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi said if the reports were true, then they were likely to cause electoral conflicts ahead of the by-election in the constituency.