PF bans Kabimba protests

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has banned spontaneous demonstrations by its cadres across the country following the sacking of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general of the ruling party which saw euphoric celebrations from cadres who have been demanding the expulsion of their former chief executive.

PF deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga has called for unity and discipline in the ruling party.

She said the ruling party needed every member and denounced the violence that had in the last three years been associated with the PF which resulted into the death of Moses Simuwelu

Ms Atanga said the demonstrations by the PF cadres against Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe for allegedly aligning himself to the dismissed Kabimba were uncalled for.

She said the ruling party was concerned with the rising levels of indiscipline among cadres, stating that the planned demonstrations in Mandevu Constituency must immediately come to an end.

Ms Atanga directed all party members to work with the existing party structures stating that the PF had always preached discipline and unity at all levels. Mrs Katanga said Zambia was a Christian nation and that party members should at all times follow channels in advancing their complaints to their leaders because violent demonstrations would only weaken the party.

“To our youths, the future belongs to them and you must aspire to ascend to the highest office in the land. You can only do that through discipline and hard work. PF members must know that demonstrations against party officials appointed by President Michael Sata or any other elected officials were tantamount to indiscipline and disloyalty to the party. In consultation with the secretary general of the PF, I hereby direct that all well-meaning PF members must work with the existing structures as we brace ourselves for the 2016 general elections,” Mrs Atanga said.

And the PF has said it has no idea what the former Justice Minister and secretary general is thinking and planning as he (Kabimba) has not said anything since he was fired by President Michael Sata.

Ms Atanga, who did not want to comment on whether Mr Kabimba was still a member of the PF following his dismissal, said the ruling party did not know what the former Justice Minister  was planning.

Mrs Atanga also refused to comment on the status of Mr Kabimba who until his dismissal was president of Council of African Political Parties.

“We do not know what Mr Kabimba is planning and thinking following his dismissal because he has not issued any statement and I cannot answer on his status on the Council of African Political parties,” Mr Atanga said