Probe Kabimba over Trafigura again

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should now reopen investigations against former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba in the procurement of contracts awarded to Trafigura to supply oil worth over US$500 million to Zambia, Open Society Foundation executive director Sunday Chanda has demanded.

Mr Chanda said since Mr Kabimba was on record as having told the nation that Trafigura wanted to bribe him in order to procure the multi-million kwacha oil deal, it was only prudent for ACC to reopen the case now.

In August 2012, government awarded a US$500 million contract to Netherland’s multinational commodity trader, Trafigura, for the supply and delivery of finished petroleum products.

Later in December,  2012, the Anti-Corruption Commission summoned Mr Kabimba to respond to allegations that Trafigura allegedly bribed him when he travelled to Lebanon.

The investigations were suspended after Mr. Kabimba stormed the ACC offices with party cadres, making the interview impossible.

Now, Mr Chanda wants the ACC to reopen the matter to free Mr Kabimba of allegations of having influenced the awarding of the  contract to Trafigura to procure  and  deliver over 16,920,000 litres of diesel and 21,230,000 litres of leaded petrol over a two-year period.

“There has been a lot of speculations which must be cleared in the best interest of justice. He is definitely not the first one and he will not be the last one to be investigated by ACC and the police.

We urge the police and ACC to remain professional in carrying out any investigations. These investigations should be void of any political witch-hunt.

“ACC never informed the nation of their findings. ACC never told us how or whether they had cleared Mr. Kabimba. Let’s settle Trafigura once and for all and we have no doubt that Mr Kabimba would want to have his name cleared, otherwise the matter will remain strong in the public court,” he said.

Mr Chanda said the ACC must not squander the confidence Zambians have vested into the institution.