‘RB can stand’

THERE is nothing wrong for former president Rupiah Banda to come back and recontest the presidency as the Constitution of Zambia allows him to do so, says People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti.

Mr Mulongoti said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the former president can return to active politics and it would be up to the people of Zambia to decide whether to vote for him or not.

“He (Mr Banda) can come back because the Constitution allows him to do so,” he said.

He, however, said Mr Banda should not consider rejoining politics but allow young people to participate and take over the leadership of the country.

Mr Mulongoti said the people would wait and see what the former president has to offer that he did not when he ruled Zambia for three years.

He said if Mr Banda came back into active politics he would send a wrong message to the young generation.

Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said since Mr Banda did not serve two five-year terms of office, he by law qualifies to come back into active politics.

Mr Cheembe said in an interview that Zambia is a country of laws and that it would be within the confines of the law for Mr Banda to consider his comeback.

“If the decision of the people would be that Mr Banda should come back, then it will be within the confines of the law for him to come back,” Mr Cheembe said.

He said if the former president rejoined politics, he should consider addressing concerns of the people, learning from his mistakes which led to him losing the 2011 general election.

Mr Cheembe said the former president had spent more time travelling outside the country than attending to issues.

He said Mr Banda would be expected to strengthen public institutions so that people have access to them. On Monday, the former president said calls for him to come back would depend on the decision of the people.

Last week veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga handed torches of leadership to young prospective leaders and urged them to be proactive if they were to lead the country.

3 thoughts on “‘RB can stand’

  1. Political Re-entry of Bwezani Banda:
    He has to declare his initial decision whether or not to comeback because this is a personal decision on his part; then the people will decide to endorsed him or not. We; the people must know his initial position primarily. Bwezani Banda is the most viable Presidential Material of the good names on the market as of today; provided; given his age and health which he well knows more than all of us he can :
    1. Vouchsafe by the way of providing a peoples driven constitution as his legacy and forever; we all know that we have been cheated before, on this one cardinal issue of the national aspirations
    2. He must declare publicly that, he has no revenge motives given what he has gone through on the court cases
    3. Since he was there when it all started with KK; he should undertake to reverse the tribal rancor of Chitandika Kamanga vs. Kapwepwe being reproduced today, out of context;
    4. He can resolve the October 23 1964 midnight unresolved problem of the Baroste Lancaster Deal over the mineral rights supposedly to be deposited to the Lintunga, but opposed by UNIP, which has given so much national pain up today;
    5. Promise; unlike all other previous Zambian Presidents, to be a man of his honour unlike the others that we know that promised the unattainable.
    Bwezani Banda is a humane guy; he can deliver if we close-down on him; as a society what Zambia should be in 2064; at the Centenary Celebration
    We must back him up on his efforts to make a political comeback; not for his own sake, but for all our sake.

  2. Politics is a very strange Game. I cannot believe that Mr. Mike Mulongoti would spare some traces of positive comments on RB’s leadership. Now that he is a leader of a Party, Mr. Mulongoti has come to terms to acknowledge RB’s Statemanship in handling national and international issues.

  3. nothing wrong with RB constitutionary but morally. RB is old and at that age, you cant guarantee smooth work for the country. RB should rest and remain a uniting figure that he is today. We need young leaders who understand the challenges of this generation, know how to tackle them and are energetic. lets us follow other countries like Kenya, UK, USA and many other countries who have elected young presidents. the challenges of this generation are many and development does not come by chance, it is orchestrated.

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