Lusaka too dirty for celebrations

Lusaka   City Council says it is not to blame for the dirt in the city.

And some Lusaka residents have complained that the City was too dirty to host Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Council public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said the council should not be blamed saying the same people complaining were the ones  in the forefront of littering the city.

Mr Mulunda pointed out that behavioural change among the residents has been a challenge for the local authority.

He however said that the council was putting in place measures that would help improve the waste management process in the city.

He said the local authority had embarked on a door to door exercise to monitor how many residents were subscribing to waste management.

He has further warned that residents that failed to subscribe to the Solid Waste Management system within stipulated period risked being prosecuted.

Calling on ‘I Heard’ segment on Millennium Radio, the residents described Lusaka City as the dirtiest in Southern Africa.

It has been noted that the untidiness in the city was a result of street vending.