NGO counsels State on secrets

THE security of the country is in danger because of the recent leakages of State secrets, says the Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director, Henry Mulenga.

He has since called on the relevant authorities to be cautious in the manner national issues were handled because a lot was yet to be exposed.

Mr Mulenga said he was concerned that some people in society wanted to use their public offices as if they owned Zambia and wanted to settle personal scores.

He said the reported leaks of State diocuments were a source of concern and that the relevant authorities should intervene before the country was put at risk in terms of security.

Mr Mulenga said there was need to probe and get rid of individuals who were putting the country at risk by leaking classified information to meet their agenda.

“What these people must understand is that Mr Sata does not belong to one group of people, but he is the President for all and the people who claim they are close to him should understand that he is in a public office and looking after 13 million Zambians,” he said.

He said when Zambians gave President Michael Sata power to preside over national affairs they expected his government to be impartial when discharging State functions for the benefit of all the people, and therefore he had a mandate to work and deliver to the people.

Mr Mulenga said the country would find it difficult to keep State secrets should leaders continue to appoint people other than on merit.

He said the PF government had failed to run the country because the majority who were in public offices were not appointed on merit.

Mr Mulenga said that much of the information was leaked by people who were close to the President and should be the first to be confronted in case of anything.

There was need to ensure only competent people held public offices to protect the Office of the President’s integrity, he said.

He said it was vital that Government investigates the matter and ensure culprits were brought to book.

Recently, a State document on the Zambia Revenue Authority Value Added Tax Rule 18 was leaked to the media by unknown people.