Daily Nation meets ZRA

TAX payment records at the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) have revealed that the K24, 063.43 could not be the exact figure owed to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) as records of some of the payments have not been reconciled.

And ZRA officials have told the Daily Nation that the letter written to the newspaper company inviting it for a meeting was not intended to harass the media house as many other companies across the country had been written to.

The records show the Daily Nation owed the ZRA K4, 500 in income tax which was due in July. Part of the K24, o63.43, in the notification was also income tax remittance only due at the end of the 3rd quarter in September .

Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala yesterday confirmed that a delegation of accounting staff met with the officials from ZRA and went through various records regarding the compliance in tax obligations.

Mr Sakala said the indications from the records that were verified, showed that the Daily Nation could have been compliant in its tax obligations although the final and conclusive reconciliation would only be done on Monday.

He said ZRA had not computed some of the payments the newspaper had made leading to the estimation of K24, 063.43 in outstanding taxes.

“What is on record is that the Daily Nation was up to date with Pay As you Earn (PAYE) remittance to ZRA and that the Value Added Tax (VAT) record was showing compliance,” Mr Sakala said. The questions were only on income tax lemittance which does not attract penalties or interest.

Barely a day after the Daily Nation exposed the Post Newspaper that it had accumulated K8 million in unpaid taxes to ZRA, the authority summoned the newspaper to a meeting yesterday to discuss what was alleged to have been an outstanding K24, 063.43 in unpaid taxes.

Former Patriotic Front Lusaka district vice chairman Julius Komaki said it was criminal for the Post Newspaper which until recently had been enjoying warm relationship with the government to deliberately breach the law governing the collection of revenue by government.