GBM speaks out

THE Patriotic Front (PF) must resist forces trying to divide it following the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general of the party, former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has advised. 

Mr Mwamba said time for intra-party differences and in-fighting was gone and that the leadership in the PF should now focus on delivering the promises the party made to the people.

Mr Mwamba said there was need for the party to completely rally behind President Michael Sata who is the torch and vision career of the PF so that people’s expectations of improved living standards could be met.

He has called for unity and reconciliation in the Patriotic Front (PF) following the many squabbles and differences that had engulfed the party during the time Wynter Kabimba was the secretary general.

Mr Mwamba who is Kasama Central Member of Parliament (MP) told the Daily Nation that time for party members to begin positioning themselves with ambitions to take up the leadership of the party was gone and that the party should now endeavour to fulfill the covenant it had made with Zambians.

Mr Mwamba said all party members should concentrate on rebuilding the party that had for the last three years suffered intra-party differences that had caused factions.

He said Zambians were happy that President Sata had remained determined to continue serving the country and that the President needed the support of all Zambians to meet the dreams of citizens.

He said the party was getting weakened because of the divisions and factions that had been created because some people had started positioning themselves with the hope of taking up the leadership of the ruling party.

Mr Mwamba said the future of the party was bright and that President Sata was happy to preside over the PF that was more united and focused on meeting the aspirations of Zambians.

Mr Mwamba the PF should let bygones be bygones stating if the ruling party was going to remain divided, there was a danger that it would spend less time to concentrate on focusing on progressive issues.

“This is the time to focus on development and not squabbles. Let us forget about the past and preach unity and harmony in the party for that is the only way we are going to meet the expectations of Zambians. The PF entered into a covenant with Zambians to improve their lives and that is President Sata’s vision. We all have to rally behind President Sata and we must promote peace. Time for squabbles and positioning ourselves in the party is gone. The President is happy to preside over a peaceful, respectful and united PF and he needs the support of all loyal members,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba said it was the duty of all parliamentarians to explain what President Sata had managed to achieve in the three years he had been office.

He said the PF was a people’s party and that there was need to promote harmony so that the party could go to the 2016 general elections stronger than it was in 2011.

“There is an English adage that says: united we stand and divided you fall and we have to be united so that we move as one unit and pull in the same direction,” Mr Mwamba said.


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  1. in three years, the PF has not met half of the promises they made. let them start reasoning on how to fix the problems they created in the economy.

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