Stalk Borers

It is heartwarming that estranged Patriotic Front Kasama Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is calling for reconciliation within the ruling party.

This is as it should be in political groupings after undergoing turbulent times. But we would want to see all the various political parties in the country unite in order to foster a cogent work programme that best reflects their efforts.

It is important to recognise that there are those among us who have no interest in positive developments.  They instead thrive on calumny and negative aspersions designed to cripple, undermine and ultimately destroy institutional synergy.

They are at their best championing causes for which they have little respect or regard.  They will pontificate on corruption, morality and good governance and yet will in practice embrace these vices.

These are the typical hypocrites who fit the biblical description of Pharisees walking with long tussles, solemn faces and burdening others with impossible yokes and yet in reality, they are simply scoundrels, thieves and heartless individuals with no conscience.

Our preference would be for national harmony which respects our democratic diversity, because democracy is about balancing competing needs and interests.  These interests must coalesce into national programmes if and when the various competing parties come into power.

Sadly for the last two decades our country has been afflicted by a malevolent force that has often derailed national agenda by introducing a populist and highly moralistic agenda that has had the effect of undermining structured programmes.

These are selfish programmes designed to serve the financial and power interest of the perpetrators.  That is why we would like to join GBM and ask that they close ranks and guard against stalk borers.

 Human stalk borers are individuals who thrive on negativity.

They have nothing good to say about anybody or anything unless they have something to benefit.

They are dangerous because they drill deep into the integrity of organizations, sowing doubts, suspicion and in the process entrenching themselves to reap personal benefit.

It does not matter what party is involved. It does not matter which party is in power, they will wriggle their way in and create a niche for themselves from which they hope to win favour.

They drill deep into the psyche using popular myths, fears and cliches to cling and hopefully gain a foothold.

Our parties must watch out for these double dealers and high priests of hate, who have nothing to offer.


One thought on “Stalk Borers

  1. GBM did not say what he said because he believed in it. GBM said he had resigned from his ministerial position because he chose to side with his relative the would be Chitimukulu who the government had refused to recognise. We all thought how principled he had become. The state followed this choice by visiting him and fishing for crimes he may have committed. He lost his government contracts and has been before courts for what we though were grudge charges.
    Suddenly his nemesis is dismissed from being CEO of the party and ministerial post and we hear GBM celebrating and saying he had reconciled with the party and was willing to accept any ministerial position in government.He had not resigned from government on account of the not wanting to work with the former PF party boss, at least that is not what he said when he resigned.

    We may be forgiven to believe that the pronouncements from GBM are merely to be seen as a repentant cadre who has become politically correct to have the ACC investigations dropped and get back his government transport contracts; what with the competition with the Past Carriers finding themselves on the wrong side of the situation. GBM’s celebrations on this issue are not that he cares much about the reconciliation in his party for national harmony; it is because that is the only way his business may be resuscitated.

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