Opposition has failed to inspire Zambians-Tayali

OPPOSITION political parties have failed to inspire Zambians as evidenced by their poor performance in the just ended parliamentary by elections, says Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.  

Mr Tayali said the loss of parliamentary seats to PF compromised democracy and was taking the country back to the one -party state of running government.

He said the current situation was raising concern as it affected the tenets of good governance because PF now has high numbers in Parliament.

“If the opposition parties are giving up more and more power to the ruling party at every by-election, then the idea of democracy is being washed away.

“They are becoming toothless, losing their position as the ‘watchdog’ for the government, because they are supposed to offer effective checks and balances in Parliament where their role is very important,” he said.

He explained that it was worrying for the opposition that they were allowing PF to become more powerful and taking the leading role in policy-making.

Mr Tayali charged that there was need to address the circumstances under which the opposition was losing grip from their position as the assessor of the ruling party in Parliament and government in general.

“The UPND should go back to the drawing board to analyse the Mangango and Zambezi west constituencies losses which areas were originally their strongholds.

“We know that the rural vote usually changes the complexion of any general elections, and these results are an indicator that there is something terribly wrong in the opposition camp, and it remains a great concern for democracy,” he said.

He has since advised the opposition political parties to put their houses in order especially with the various misunderstandings involving top leadership.

Mr Tayali also explained that even the issue of voter apathy attributed to voter fatigue should be seriously addressed to identify the circumstances which influenced it.