Condom distribution irks Sisters for Real

IT is unfortunate that institutions involved in the fight against HIV have concentrated on the condom talk and distribution without preaching abstinence and the best ways to avoid contracting the virus, Sisters for Real executive director Agness Banda says.

Ms Banda has said women living with HIV/AIDS were concerned about the distribution of condoms in secondary schools and at traditional ceremonies.

She said the distribution of condoms in schools and at traditional ceremonies  had gone out of hand for people that were involved in the distribution of free condoms because most teenagers that were collecting the perceived protectors had little knowledge about prevention.

Ms Banda said her organisation was concerned that the act would not stop the spread of HIV if no efforts were made to sensitize them on the risks of having sex anyhow.

She accused the distributors of condoms of encouraging illicit sex in schools and at traditional ceremonies.

“How do they distribute condoms in schools? As Sisters for Real we are very disappointed because this will not help but encourage teenagers to be engaging in illicit sex. Condoms are not 100 percent safe and we as educators must tell these children the truth. Where has the campaign for abstinence gone?

“How many more people do we want to be infected because of condom distribution? This distribution in schools must be stopped by the Education Ministry because it is not helping us. We know of young people in schools that are infected and it would be unfortunate to see these teenagers engage in sex because someone is giving them free condoms,” Ms Banda said.

She has since challenged the Ministry of Education to stop condom distribution in schools as it was openly encouraging school boys and girls to engage in the act.

Ms Banda said there was need for organisations involved in distribution of condoms to serious advocate behavioral change in both adults and school teenagers.

She was concerned that there was a deviation of priority from behavioral change campaign to that of condom distribution.

“Fornication is a sin and it must be discouraged at all times. The fact that we are aware that our children engage in premature sex should not give us a passport to provide them with condoms. We must inculcate in them good morals and make them ambassadors of change,” she said.