PF must cleanse itself

ALTHOUGH the Patriotic Front (PF) has emerged the winner in the just ended by-elections, the ruling party must be wary of a clique of individuals determined to frustrate President Michael Sata and his government by their continued insinuations and assertions that the Head of State has been hijacked by some ministers and party officials he is working with, Paradius Sakala has warned. 

Mr Sakala who is the 2011 PF losing candidate said it was obvious that unity and harmony had returned to the ruling party following the sacking of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general.

He said although PF had emerged victorious in the just ended parliamentary by-elections, the party needed to cleanse itself in the process of reconciling its members.

Mr Sakala said it was evident that not all the members and leaders of the PF were loyal to President Sata and that it was important that the party leadership should ensure that those with divided loyalty should not be entertained.

He said having realized that there was a clique of individuals that almost hijacked the leadership of the PF, it was important for the leadership to be alert and protect as well as defend the ideals and values that made the ruling party win the 2011 general elections.

Mr Sakala said he strongly believed that the cartel had gone back to the drawing board having been exposed and were planning to sabotage and blackmail President Sata and his government.

He said time had come for the party to get back to the electorate to inform them about the achievement President Sata and the PF had scored in the last three years.

“As we celebrate the scooping of the three seats from the five in the just ended Parliamentary by-elections, we should be mindful of the fact that we still have enemies within the party that are still scheming against the good governance of the PF. We must not forget that the many stories about a cartel are real. The clique that has launched a crusade against the PF government after their ambitions were curtailed is still active and unless we dismantle it completely, we should not be too comfortable,” Mr Sakala said.

And Mr Sakala has appealed to MMD Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima to reconcile with all her perceived enemies now that the electoral battle was over.

He said while he was congratulating Ms Kalima on her deserved victory, it was paramount for the MP to realize that as a parliamentarian, she was a representative of all the people including those that did not vote for her.

Mr Sakala said Ms Kalima should find time to visit traditional leaders in her constituency and find out the immediate needs of the people in the area so that she could immediately get down to work.

He also called on all the PF members in Eastern Province to stop finger pointing in their effort to evaluate what could have caused the loss in Kasenengwa.

Mr Sakala said the leadership should stop apportioning blame in the constituencies where the ruling party had lost adding that in a democracy, it must be accepted that no political party could have the support of the entire citizenry.

He said it was unfortunate that Vice-President Guy Scott and some Eastern Province PF leaders were being blamed for the loss in Vubwi.

“PF is slowly making in roads in Eastern Province where it has always been difficult to penetrate. We have won Vubwi in Eastern Province and Zambezi West in North Western Province and we must thank the people for showing confidence in the ruling party. We are the largest party in the country and we must accommodate as many members as we go to the 2016 general elections,” Mr Sakala said.