LWSC increases pre-paid water units selling points

THE Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has introduced third-party dealerships to sell prepaid water units in communities to ease service delivery to consumers, says managing director George Ndongwe.

Mr Ndongwe said the pre-paid meter programme was aimed at modernizing the water payment systems through which customers would be able to buy water units using their mobile phones, the internet, and other available technologies convenient to them.

He explained that the objectives of the third vendor programme were to overcome the problems of billing queries and revenue losses that arose from a fixed flat rate billing.

“Additionally, it will afford LWSC a business opportunity to extend water coverage to new users as the pre-paid system encourages responsible water use which will allow the company to supply the excess water to other needy areas experiencing low supply hours or no water,” he said.

And LWSC marketing and public relations manager Topsy Sikalinda explained that the development was aimed at taking the service closer to the people and improve on service delivery to customers in Lusaka Province.

In a statement Mr Sikalinda said that the company had engaged local enterprises and companies to sell water units so that they were brought as close as possible to the people.

“The third party vending systems will allow customers to buy units even after normal working hours from Monday to Sunday.

“The programme is a significant milestone in modernizing, upgrading and improving the efficiency of services as the system is of world class and a game changer with multiple key benefits both to the customers and LWSC,” he said.

He said that was in line with the company’s vision of becoming a world class company working together to change lives and bring pride to communities through provision of water and sanitation services.

Mr Sikalinda said third-party vending should result in employment opportunities for various enterprises in the province.

Last year LWSC introduced pre-paid water meters and has already installed  about 20,000 gadgets under phase one of the project.

“The pre-paid programme aims at improving service delivery, put customers in control by allowing them to budget efficiently, encourage responsible water usage and reduce costs.

“The initiative forms part of the company’s mission in trying to make Lusaka Province an all-inclusive, livable province, with a cohesive society enjoying a high quality of life and access to social needs such as water and sanitation services,” he said.

There have been complaints of limited retail shops for the water utility company following the installation of pre-paid meters in various locations around Lusaka.