NGO scale up efforts to strengthen social cash transfer

PLATFORM for Social Protection (PSP) in partnership with Care Interntional has introduced a scaled up project aimed at strengthening social cash transfer beneficiaries.

PSP officer Esther Mbewe said the project would help beneficiaries double the money they receive to improve their livelihood.

Ms Mbewe said the introduction of the scaled up project would also allow beneficiaries to acquire more skills and mobilise resources.

She said that though the cash transfers had improved lives for many Zambians, it was vital that the beneficiaries were assisted to participate in other programmes that would generate income.

“So now we will also help groups of 20 people to access small loans so that they can fit in society by knowing how they can mobilize more resources,” Ms Mbewe said.

She said The Platform for Social Protection was confident that with the introduction of the scaled up project, many beneficiaries’ lives would change and this was part of the country’s development.

Ms Mbewe however called for increased coverage of social protection programmes in Zambia especially for the majority poor if the livehood of the many were to be improved.

The PSP last month launched an economic returns programme of social protection in Zambia to address the high poverty levels in the country.

According to World Social Protection Report 2014/15, building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice showed that most of the people were without adequate social protection at a time when it was most needed.

The report also showed that more than 70 per cent of the world’s population was not adequately covered by social protection.