PF youths challenge ZRA over tax defaulters

THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) must publish a full list of all tax payers in default including the amounts that are owed to the institution.

The demands come from Lusaka Central Constituency youth secretary Francis Muchemwa, who accused some companies of deliberately failing to owner their obligations to the government.

Mr Muchemwa said ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska should provide the list of all the companies that owed in unpaid taxes and the action so far taken after the revelations that the Post Newspapers owed up to K8 million to the authority.

He said Zambians were concerned about the recent revelations that some companies owed huge amounts to the government in unpaid taxes, and demanded for a detailed list of defaulters to be published because the act was tantamount to stealing from the people.

“We are challenging ZRA to make public the list of all the companies and organisations that owe the authority in unpaid taxes, especially after the revelations that the Post Newspaper owed about K 8 million. In fact, we are demanding that the ZRA Commissioner General makes public the action taken against the defaulters,” Mr Muchemwa said. He explained that it was unfortunate that the Post Newspaper had remained quiet even after allegations of the K8m debt owed in unpaid taxes.

“The Commissioner should disclose to the public if they have made any intentions to summon the Post Newspaper owner Mr M’membe and what the outcome of such a meeting was, and even Mr M’membe himself should explain himself and publish any such activities in relation to the debt. The same authority that was used in summoning Daily Nation over their alleged debt should be the same powers ZRA should use to call up Mr M’membe over the K8m, and the people need to know who is defaulting in paying taxes and who is not,” he said.