Govt deports another expatriate

ANOTHER expatriate worker – this time at First Quantum Minerals’ Kalumbila Mine in Solwezi – has been deported to Ghana by the Zambian government under unclear circumstances.

Some union sources at the mine said they were shocked with the manner their colleague  was treated after orders from higher authoritieis in Lusaka to deport him were received.

“He is  a British citizen originating from Ghana and was working in the human resource department. The reasons for his deportation still remain unclear. I mean  the man was treated like a common criminal for merely trying to do his work,” the source said.

Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) general secretary  Joseph Chewe said although he could neither confirm nor deny the deportation of the expatriate, he was  aware  about the incident.

Mr Chewe said he knew that  there were some issues which were  to be  resolved  surrounding the deported man but that MUZ was waiting to be briefed by the mine management and its branch officials.

“ I cannot confirm or deny the deportation of the expartiate worker at Kalumbila Mine  but we are still waiting to be briefed by  mine management and our branch officials as to what  exactly transpired.

“MUZ does not have details of the events that led to the deportation of the expatriate  worker. We are waiting to be briefed by our people there and management. It is only then we can  give a full acccount of what exactly happened,” said Mr Chewe.

Last week,  two  expatriate workers at Armcor in Lusaka, Mr Jan Paxtson and Basil Pietersen were deported to South Africa under unclear circumstances that have sparked off protests because the two had valid documentation for their work permits. Armcor chief executive officer Gary Wadey said the deportation of Mr Paxtson and Pietersen was not in the best interest of the company and the country.

He has since written a protest letter to the South African High Commission in Zambia.

Mr. Wadey also explained that the deportation would affect over 5500 workers, adding that last year through their lawyers Elis and Company they petitioned and appealed to President Michael Sata to have Mr. Paxtson come back which the President did.

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  1. People are deported every where in the world , if they do what is not accepted in the law as exparts , therefore when we are in a foriegn land we need to be every careful in what every we do

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